Image of Foster Care Speaker Nicole Zeien-Cox on stage.

“This young lady has had many experiences none of us

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face in a lifetime. Truly inspiring! She will help many, many people from foster children, foster parents, people fighting addiction, to the survivors of addiction! Nicole, by reading your book you have helped me and for that I am grateful!”

Working with Nicole

Adults are empowered to:

  • Connect with kids 
  • Communicate more effectively with youth in care 
  • Respond versus react in crisis

Youth are empowered to:

  • Be resilient
  • Make decisions that set them

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    up for a bright future

  • Have a voice

Nicole Zeien-Cox

Author & Speaker

Nicole is a passionate change-maker driven to inspire parents and

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empower youth. She is the author of the Amazon best seller, “Foster to Fosters“, that shares her powerful journey of overcoming adversity to live a fulfilling life as a young entrepreneur. She speaks to at-risk teens, foster and adoptive parents, and child welfare professionals. She also coaches other young entrepreneurs.


“Nicole’s book really helped me to see the other side of foster care. I am a foster parent. Reading her story showed things from  a foster child’s perspective and the feelings they may go through.I have recently adopted two boys, and her book gives me hope that my boys will be able to over come the trauma they have been through and accomplish great things in life.  Amazing story!!”