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Christopher Nolan;
writed by: Christopher Nolan;
Country: USA, UK;
1979025 Votes

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In this world there are only two kinds of people, those who’ve seen inception, and those who haven’t,Cos For me inception wasn’t just a blockbuster, it was more of an experience, a life time, an education, and when I say this, that’s is because it really added something to my life, this movie makes you aware of whole new world that we didn’t know except as a ‘resting period’ in your day, inception’ makes this resting period the most interesting period in your day. All my life I’ve been obsessed with dreaming and wrote about my dreams, and watched matrix for thousand times, But I’ve never seen anything like this before, it’s very realistic, the best thing about Nolan in this movie is that everything has a proof,just like a Mathematical equation, he gives you the proof, then he extracts the events out of it, you don’t need visual effects in this film to inter the atmosphere of dreams, the lines will take you there,the scientific facts mentioned in the dialog. Every thing seems very logical, really when it comes to movies about dreams this film exceeds, yes i think this movie is pretty similar to matrix, and i think that Nolan at some point of his life were a fan of matrix, he even starred 2 of matrix actors in memento,and he used the shared dreams concept,but he developed the concept and i don’t think that this is wrong,nevertheless,the favor goes to matrix,matrix was the inception of ‘inception’ you can call inception the next step in movies about dreams. I was and still a big fan of matrix, But to some point in the film, when every thing seemed logical, but then the movie began to slip
On the contrary inception is devilishly perfect, the film has so many layers that you really go deep inside it to the extent that when you finish watching it you feel that you’re still not separated from it that’s what excels about this film.

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