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Coming Together As One Keynote

As a former “at-risk teen,” Nicole shares that beating the odds was the byproduct of several lessons learned from foster parents, social workers, and other child-serving professionals.

Nicole’s experiences take you on a journey of both the good and bad while providing learning opportunities for what could have been done differently to improve outcomes earlier on. Her struggles and triumphs provide inspiration, education, and the insight of experience to those who are impacted by the foster care community. 

Coming Together As One Learning Objectives For Adults

  • View foster care through the eyes of a former foster youth.
  • The impact parents, adults, and child welfare professionals have on shaping a young professionals life
  • The mindset of an at-risk teen and what lead to being one
  • Improve Parenting Skills
  • Build positive relationships between workers and families
  • Communicate more effectively with youth in care
  • Responding versus reacting in crisis

Coming Together As One Learning Objectives For Youth

  • Finding your voice
  • Using your story as fuel for positive change
  • Expressing emotions in a healthy way
  • How to become resilient
  • Finding your passion and pursuing it as a career
  • Transitioning from adolescence to the “real world”

“Nicole’s book really helped me to see the other side of foster care. I am a foster parent. Reading her story showed things from a foster child’s perspective and the feelings they may go through.I have recently adopted two boys, and her book gives me hope that my boys will be able to overcome the trauma they have been through and accomplish great things in life.  Amazing story!!”

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